Our services

Private transport

Private transport is the best-known variant of taxi transport. also called street taxi. during our opening times you can use our services. We are happy to take you from or to the NS station, center, Hospitality, family or friends.

V.I.P. Services

Important customers and employees deserve extra attention. After all, the customer experience does not start at the office, but during the journey here. Our representative drivers ensure a peaceful and relaxing ride to the destination. For the VIP transport we have a Luxury Mercedes Benz S-class and a very luxurious VIP bus with WiFi, interior in the office and refrigerator.

Contract transport

Deeltaxi is a subsidized taxi by the government. Anyone can travel with the shared taxi at the public transport shared taxi rate. Persons with a WMO indication receive a WMO share taxi pass through the municipality, and therefore travel at the advantageous WMO rate.

Group transportation

We provide group transport for several inclusions, in particular for day care for the elderly. We also provide business group transport at major events such as New Year’s Eve and anniversary parties, but also company visits, etc.

Business transportation

We provide transport for a large number of regional companies. A select group of our drivers takes care of business transportation. This one is always dressed in a suit, shirt with tie and nice shoes. The driver has a wealth of experience. For the business journeys outside the crowded area we provide a bottle of water and of course a clean taxi.

Wheelchair transport

A large number of our buses are equipped with a lift and are equipped for safe and comfortable wheelchair transport. This allows you to be transported safely in the taxi bus without transferring. Our wheelchair buses are frequently used for partial taxi and group transport, but can also be booked privately or via a care taxi.

Airport Transfer

Taxi company Geers drives at all airports within our range. Our customers usually fly to or from Schiphol, Brussels Airport and all other airports in the Benelux. We also drive to Charleroi, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Paris.

Follower funeral procession

Our extremely luxurious and professional fleet is ideal as followers for loyalty or mourning. We have luxury silver gray and black taxis for every occasion. Of course we pay a lot of attention to cleaning the vehicles, so that you look good.

Safety for our customers and employees.

All our vehicles are in direct connection with the central control room. Here one has direct contact with the vehicles, both through data and through speech.
To increase the safety of our customers, it is also possible to track all our vehicles via GPS.

The core of our service is therefore:
Reliable service.

Taxi company Geers B.V. does more than just bring customers from A to B, it’s about the customer’s experience!
In passenger transport, it’s not just about safety, comfort and speed, but also about professional drivers and satisfied customers.

The diversity of the customers of Taxi company Geers B.V. is broad in scope; children, young people, the elderly, the disabled, business relations, government and semi-government.
This in combination with an excellent transport wish at an affordable price.

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