About us

Taxi company Geers B.V.

For over 20 years a household name in Bergen op Zoom and surroundings, and the designated partner for passenger transport.
Taxi company Geers B.V. provides more than 450 daily taxi rides, this is an initiative that everyone can use based on public transport fare,
for older people and people with a disability, this service is linked to the WMO so that these groups can travel at a reduced rate.
And because of this they can maintain their social life in a simple and affordable way.

Taxi company Geers B.V. the regular carrier for many hospitality businesses in the region.
we thank these companies for the confidence they have shown in us to safely transport their customers.

SROI (Social Return on Investment)

SROI is often spoken of today.
This can be given shape in many ways. We from Taxi company Geers B.V. want to give people who are at a distance from the labor market a chance.
For various reasons, people may have a distance to the labor market, but we find a solution for this distance 9/10 times.
We have several colleagues driving around who have moved on to our company from the UWV and / or ISD.
Together with our (prospective) colleague, we are looking at the possibilities within Taxi Company Geers B.V. and adjust his / her schedule accordingly.

People who are older than 55 and / or have reached retirement age are also welcome.
We do not select based on age, but on the options that he / she has to offer.


Taxi company Geers B.V. is based in West Brabant and carries out its activities within the area of ​​Dinteloord to Putte and everything in between, with Bergen op Zoom as its core.
We believe it is important to support good initiatives where possible.
We have been providing transport for the G-Team of MOC ’17 for years.
The guides use our taxi buses for the transport of the away games.

Over the years we have also assisted various teams in arranging transport for the Roparun.

The core of our service is therefore: reliable service.

Taxi company Geers B.V. does more than just bring customers from A to B, it’s about the customer’s experience!
In passenger transport, it’s not just about safety, comfort and speed, but also about professional drivers and satisfied customers.

The diversity of the customers of Taxi company Geers B.V. is broad in scope; children, young people, the elderly, the disabled, business relations, government and semi-government.
This in combination with an excellent transport wish at an affordable price.

We are in possession of the Taxi Keur Certificate
Group transport Taxi company Geers B.V.