Working as a driver

A versatile and challenging job in passenger transport.

Taxi company Geers B.V. is looking for you!

The taxi world is constantly changing, and is a permanent growth market due to the aging population and high-quality care in the Netherlands.
We are also looking for representative and flexible employees.
We would like to receive your application via the application form below or send an email with CV to Taxi company Geers B.V.

Application form

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Driver at Taxicompany Geers B.V.

A taxi driver from Taxi Company Geers is responsible for safely transporting customers to the specified destination or according to a specified route. The taxi driver acts and behaves according to the standards of the TX quality mark. The TX quality mark concerns excellent driving behavior, correct handling of passengers, service attitude, representative attitude, representative image and street knowledge of the immediate area.

What do you need

  • Medical certificate by a company doctor.
  • Declaration of conduct (VOG) of the relevant municipality.
  • Theory exam application.
  • Practical exam request.
  • Model statement (to be completed by employer and employee).

Driver card costs:

Obtaining a driver card costs +/- € 1,250. These costs are for your own account and are not reimbursed by Taxibedrijf Geers BV, pre-financing by Taxibedrijf Geers B.V. is possibly possible. There are also possibilities for a training allowance from the UWV or ISD. These conditions differ per institution and per person.
Thanks to our good contacts with these authorities, we can guide this entire process for you.